Merzouga Desert Morocco

Camel trekking in Merzouga desert Morocco

Merzouga, often known as the “Pearl of the Desert,” is the most famous tourist destination in the Moroccan Sahara and is visited by travelers from all over the world.

This little community is situated in the valley of the Ziz River in Southern Morocco, 50 kilometers from Erfoud and 130 kilometers from Errachidia. It is near to the Er Chebbi dunes.

How to Go to Merzouga

Traveling from Marrakech to Merzouga requires traversing the Atlas Mountains in the direction of Ourazazate. then in the direction of Erfoud and Rissani. The roads wind through beautiful desert regions where there isn’t a soul in sight for miles.

After arriving in Risanni via any of the available routes, you must travel 40 kilometers southeast to Merzouga. Although there are several unpaved roads in the city, this particular path is paved.

You can travel from Casablanca to Ouarzazate and then simply take the route to Merzouga from there to save time on the road. Errachidia, which is roughly two hours away by road, is also accessible by plane.

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The Sand Dunes

The Merzouga dunes, which span 20 kilometers in length and 5 across, are the most remarkable in all of Morocco. The sand on some of the nearly 100-meter-tall dunes is orange, coming from the Sahara. A remarkable green palm grove surrounds the dunes, providing a striking contrast to the abundance of orange.

Lagoons such as the Daya Tamda emerge during the rainy season, which runs from February to March. Here, a variety of birds congregate, including the unusual pink flamingo. Because of this, Merzouga is a popular tourist destination for nature lovers. In addition to the lagoon birds, the surrounding area is home to a diverse range of desert animals, including mammals like foxes, mice, and jerboas and reptiles like lizards and vipers.

The best periods to visit Merzouga are spring and autumn, since in summer the heat is suffocating and in winter the cold is very intense at night.